BFA Project

Hello, and welcome to my BFA project for Cornish College of the Arts 2018-2019 school year.

The Unwinding Chrysalis

I started thinking about this project in October of 2017. I had the privilege to be in the same class with last years seniors, listen to them discuss their projects, and it fueled my thought processes.

My goal for the complete project is to design the following:

  • Comprehensive magazine covering the Share & Care Cockayne Syndrome & Trichothiodystrophy Network annual conference and personal, affected child, and family well being.
  • A complete overhaul of children’s book that I designed in 2014
  • Re-brand of SCCSTTDN with a new logo, website, and pamphlets
  • Create an art piece that can be sold for awareness and fundraising

All of this is for the Share & Care Cockayne Syndrome Network, an organization that helps the families of children affected by Cockayne Syndrome types 1 and 2.

Article list (This will probably change as we move along through development.)

  • Letter from the Editor by Rachel Watson
  • About Share & Care: where we started & where we are going by Jackie Clark
  • Medical
    • Behind the doctors/researchers
    • Current papers, and translations for the rest of us.
    • Article on each presentation from the retreat.
  • Conference
    • Events at the Retreat
    • One on one with Families
  • Family
    • From the eyes of a sibling Short Story by Aleksander Watson
    • Creative corner (crafts and activities)
    • Information on: give kids the world, bridges for kids, make a wish foundation, etc. A compare and contrast piece.
      • Personal Perspective on “Give Kids the World” by Jenn Hudson
      • Compare and contrast by Karen Turner
  • Wellbeing
    • Essential Oils by Valorie Marietti
    • Massage
    • Play
  • Coping with loss
    • Art and the Grieving Process by Scarlette Clay
    • Creating remembrances

Style (This will probably change as we move along through development.)

  • Texture, or tactile experience of holding a magazine.
  • Colors, or nothing too garish.
  • Size, dimension and heft in hand.

FAQ, these are the questions that I imagine one would ask as pertains to volunteers.

What is this all about?
For my BFA project, my goal is to create and design a complete magazine for Share & Care Cockayne Syndrome Network. This includes full-length articles, photography, illustrations. Beyond that, I will also be working on a new logo, website (basic rebrand as required for in-class work) and a complete overhaul of the children’s book I made four years ago. For this I need help and that I what I am asking of you.
What am I looking for?
I have a list of article subjects that I have started. Look at them and see if you might be interested in writing one, or more, up. I don’t need professional writers for this. I want real information from your point of view. We have a lot to offer other families and they want to hear from us, not some stuffy journalist.
How long do I have to get this done?
I have a professional editor and copywriter going over each article. For this to be completed by January, I do have a rather short turn around time for articles that are retreat based. I do have several that can be started earlier so think about doing one of those if you feel you need more time. I can also work off notes you take while at the retreat if you are willing. I can’t be everywhere at once so this would be just as beneficial too. I will need articles that are not retreat based to be finished by October 15th, Retreat based articles, based on the topic will need to start coming to be by November 1st to November 30th.
Will I get paid?
I wish I could, really I do. I know how frustrating it can be to create something and be offered “exposure” for your hard work. It happens to me all the time. Since this is a school project, no I can’t offer money, this is a volunteer project only, and I will only be paid in a grade, and maybe a job after graduation. However, if I can get this off the ground into the hands of other families, and into an annual publication, I may have a future budget that will allow me to offer payment in the future.
I’d love to help, but I can’t write, is there anything else you need?
I am working on most of this myself, but if you feel your talents are better served in another creative avenue I can still use you. Photography (no cell phone pictures), artwork, suggestions for articles that you would like to read, or anything else you can think of would enhance this publication. Alternatively, since I have decided to add a remake of my children’s book, I would like either high-quality digital photos or physical copy’s of an image to put into it.
What happened to that book? I thought we would at least see it.
Yes, I thought so too. Honestly, I did really well, grade-wise, on it. And I really appreciate everyone who offered me access to their Facebook photos for it. Due to my lack of understanding on what makes a good, usable image, the pictures were less than perfect. I worked with what I could, and I just felt it wasn’t worth putting into the world. I want to fix this so badly! That is why I am incorporating the book into my BFA. I will have my only copy available to peruse and be taking critique fro you on what you would like to see, or what I can do to make it better for you. This, like the magazine, I hope to get funded to at least get to families.
Will we get a copy?
I hope so. I want to put them out there in a timely manner. At this point, my BFA show is in late April and the magazine has to be at the printers by March. This means that any circulation will not happen until mid-May, and even this is based off fund availability. I will have a patreon page and I will be adding a link to that at the bottom. I thought about a go find me, but those can be tricky, and this way I can also work towards future editions from the beginning. Printing costs will have to be covered first then postage. I am also paying the editor out of my own pocket so know that this a labor of love for me. I am not adding any advertising to this magazine, this is what keeps costs down but it can take away from content, I want this to be fully funded by the subscribers so we can make it worth reading.
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