Last Summer Break! Senior Year! Cont’

Finding the right school took time and patience. You would think that because they had the program right there I would just hop on over to registration and get the ball rolling so to speak. But no, in real life this is NOT how it happens. First came a serious talk with my husband.

Now talking to my husband about stuff like this is easy, sometimes. I was worried that he would insist that I stay at my job a little longer. A job that I was very unhappy at. (Now don’t get me wrong I know that some people love being a cashier, and some just stick with what they have because they have no other choice. I was lucky, I didn’t desperately need my job I just needed to find money for tuition and this is where I thought it would get sticky.) Of course, my husband, the one who decides to surprise me, had no issue with it. See how I get worked up for no reason what so ever. I was a little tight at first, but once financial aid kicked in, about four months later, it was me learning the new ropes that I hadn’t swung on for about two decades.

And oi, did I feel old. (and I still do, but for a different reason)


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